Pathways to Happiness

Pathways to Happiness is a 5 part series designed to explore ways to increase our capacity for happiness and joy in our present lifestyles.  Through discussion and learning specific techniques, along with mindfulness and mediation practice, an increase in happiness, health and wellbeing will result.  Drawing heavily on Native American spiritual practices and belief systems each individual will develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, minds and spirits.  Many other spiritual traditions will be incorporated to emphasize that harmony in diversity is an essential part of the pathway to happiness.


Monday March 13  from 6:00pm  to 8pm

Walk in Kindness:  This workshop will explore compassion for self and others.  Identifying outdated beliefs and habits which undermine our wellbeing, and learning new ways to approach the challenges we face daily will provide a key element to our happiness.  Approaching one another and ourselves with kindness can open our hearts and draw us closer to communion with the Divine Essence of Life.


Monday March 20  from 6:00pm  to 8pm

Walk in Health:  This workshop will explore our attitudes and beliefs about our bodies.  Learning to listen to our bodies is essential for wellbeing.  Understanding that the true nature of pain and illness is to teach us to appreciate health is the 1st step towards regaining a healthy body mind relationship.  Culturally based attitudes about physical beauty will be challenged by embracing the beauty of our spirits and a natural acceptance of our current physical form as good.


Monday March 27  from 6:00pm  to 8pm

Walk in Peace:  This workshop will explore healthy approaches to conflicts, both inner and outer, that create stresses affecting health and happiness.  Our internal dialogue with our selves mirrors the dialogue we engage others in.  Mindful practice allows us to turn off old reactions and incorporate new responses.   Transitioning from fear to love allows us to find unique and creative solutions that are effective to old persistent problems.


Monday April 3 from 6:00pm  to 8pm

Walk in Joy:  This workshop will focus on our understanding of the purpose of life, more specifically each participants’ unique life perspective.  Then viewing ourselves from the perspective of a loving creator, we will redefine or reaffirm our life purpose and to find our Joy.  The Divine is expressed through that which brings us Joy.  When Joy slips away, our attention is usually focused on non-essential distracting issues.  Increased awareness through meditation helps us to connect to the Divine within and the Joy that follows.


Monday April 10 from 6:00pm  to 8pm

Walk in Balance:  This workshop will focus on bringing it all together and learning to live in a balanced way.  We will explore how extremes of any kind disrupt our natural rhythms and how a lack of compassion for self creates unhappiness.  We will become skilled at walking on the high wire with grace and confidence, knowing that each challenge we face only increases our skills and allows us to go higher.  We will focus on developing our inner guidance systems essential for happiness to flow in our lives on a daily basis. 


Workshops to be held at: 1443 17th Street, Columbus Georgia 31901.  For information and to register call 703-317-2163 or register under contact us.   Individual workshop fee is $20.00.  Fee for all 5 workshops paid in advance is $60.00.   


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*Proceeds to benefit the operations and programs of Star Nation Foundation.

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