• Ona Graham

A View From Spirit Farm

Some days are amazing while other days are astounding. The View from Spirit Farm changes like a kaleidoscope depending on which energies one is tuning into. Upon quick view: there are horses in pastures; a peacock on the apex of the roof, peahens adoring him; and foxes, raccoons, possums, snakes, turtles, birds, butterflies, bees and lizards among the grasses, trees and bushes. Get out the field guides!

Kira carrying a load of baby!

Emersion into Spirit Farm reveals the interconnectedness of all of these elements and the uplifting spirit of creation at work here. To experience this, one must suspend the categorical rational mind and put away the field guides. It is emersion into Spirit, a letting go of fear and a need to control, an opening of the heart to Love.

Approach any of the horses and attempt to control them with dominance or force. Approach any of the horses with openness and a desire to connect. The choice is ours, the outcomes are vastly different.

Yesterday, on Mother’s Day, Kira, a 4 year old saddlebred mare, gave birth to her 1st filly in the dark hours of the morning. Being a protective mom, she eyed me with a suspicious eye and showed me the bottom of her back foot for emphasis, not serious but a warning.

This caused me to adjust my attitude and approach her as not to evoke her resistance to my presence.

Stacey Truit and I have been working on non-resistance interactions with the horses at Spirit Farm. This often involves asking permission rather than assuming one can charge right in and take over.

I sat in the pasture for a while admiring the new mother and filly. Once I was in the right frame of mind, she allowed me to approach. It was past time for baby to stand and walk. With assistance she stood on all 4s. Moma approached with an understanding of what I was doing, nuzzling both me and the baby. Once balance was sorta achieved, baby realized she was hungry and moma was breakfast.

In the twilight of the dawn, stepping back and letting nature resume her course was a delight. The video of the 1st few steps is filled with birdsong. I headed out for my first down river canoe ride, leaving Kira and baby to work out the suckling thing which my veterinarian, Dr. Mike Schwitalla, assures me gets worked out 99.9 percent of the time without human intervention.

The proud daddy!

This was another lesson for me in the difference between control and influence. It is so ingrained in the human mind to be in charge, to push forward without connection, to take control. Even my best efforts do not lead to consistency. Being mindful is the path to least resistance. Yup, it takes practice!

Blessings! Ona



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