• Ona Graham

Reflections of a Swamp Goddess

On Spirit Farm run off water collects at the western bottom and flows into a creek which flows into the Flint River. I never paid much attention to this area and felt frustration whenever the runoff pond turned into a runaway swamp. After Ralph transitioned to the spirit world, that area became very important, I knew not why. After clearing some land for more pasture, the swamp became more prominent with its cycle of flooding and drying up. Two years ago the drought had completely dried that area and I was able remove debris from the basin. As the rain returned the swamp came to life. Some plants were aggressively taking over while others hid in their shadows.

As a neuropsychologist and a scientist and a planner and a doer, my interactions with the Swamp Goddess required that I put aside who I thought I was and allow her to inspire me so that her vision could be realized. Deep satifaction rewarded my efforts. Hours upon hours of commerce with nature opened me to the understanding that there are forces in nature, in life, beyond our limited scope of perception, which create harmony and abundance, all of which is a source of delight for the willing eye.

With the help of friends over the years the pastures and the swamps began to take form. Eric Lindimer, a talented dancer, energy worker and teacher, put in time between workshops at the farm, removing fallen trees and branches. My sister Joan and her husband Terry spent happy hours clearing, burning and picnicing in the nacent swamp garden, enjoying each others company for the short while we had before they returned to the New York City Swamp.

While years are passing the Swamp Goddess reveals the shape and form of her love for this place and her desires for its becoming a place of meditation and secret sensual delights to all who visit her there. From the early beginnings, one could not have forseen the swamp glory to come.

As I was digging the new spillway this March, I awoke in the middle of the night from a nightmare. I seldom have nightmares since I have been using the soft oral splint that Dr. Moeller makes for people suffering from PTSD. In the dream, the rain had come and the force of the flooding washed away the earthen dam and all of the water drained from the pond. Upon awakening, I wondered about my anxiety and realized that within me is a reservoir of energy and desire that upon causal observation is still and silent. My inner resistance regulates that flow. Should all my desires be realized at once, I would be overwhelmed by the force of it. My spiritual awakening is slow and steady requiring preparation through attention to the moment at hand, to the Now.

Stacey Truit of Natures’ Echo is helping me with the heavy lifting. Stacey does educational experiences with birds of prey. She has a willing spirit and a keen eye for the details of life in the swamp. She and her feathered friends will be at the next powwow.

Then came another spillway and a lower swamp extension. Expanding the swamp allowed for more creative space for the Swamp Goddess to do her thing.

The destructive forces of nature are necessary for the creative forces of evolution. The destructive forces of trauma flow toward the evolution of the soul into a new creation. While we want to drain the swamp, to see the debris and to purify with fire the dead branches of our past pain, it is in the cycles of the swamp life that beauty unfolds and wholeness is restored. Life has it way, as long as we don’t pour concrete on it.

Blessings! Ona



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