• Ona Graham

Trauma, Transformation and Free Will: Awakening from the dominator trance.

The Me Too Movement has brought to the conscious mind a 6000 year old problem, that is, destructive power through domination and submission. As centuries of pain and suffering surface to be filtered through the light of a new dawn, the sounds of celebration are heard for the liberation of both women and men from this destructive paradigm.

It is time to revel in a new paradigm based on love and appreciation. Dragging the camera lens of our focused mind from the ruin of the past, we see the subtle and ubiquitous rise of awareness that there is a better way, that we must envision it and create it. It is irresistible since it is what our hearts desire most.

Awakening desire within is transformative. In the domination submission paradigm, we are taught to mistrust our innermost desires, to suppress them, to judge ourselves unworthy and to struggle to gain acknowledgement from others. The inner self is suspended in a trance state. As collective dominant forces and ideologies are imposed on the young mind, amnesia sets in. We become invisible along with our desires. This is so fundamental to the initiation into culture, that it is never given a second thought. What is called discipline in child rearing is often the traumatic induction by the dominant of the inappropriate nature of desire to the child mind brimming with profound desire and wonder at a world unfolding in plain sight.

As desire awakens within, I struggle to release it from the bondage which I now impose on myself from within. I have learned to punish myself when desire awakens. This self-betrayal takes many forms while declaring its supremacy and ultimate dominion over my soul. I cannot help but see in my mirror a kaleidoscope of my fragmented selves, imprisoned in the reflection of society. There is nothing else to do but smash the mirror prison, and release myself from bondage. Or not. This is the dark night of my soul.

What are the consequences of releasing desire so long held prisoner? What happens when the punisher is banished or better yet absolved and dissolved and freed her self (or him self)? We have free will and we have choices. Choices have consequences.

Right and wrong disappear. Arguments retreat to the background and understanding steps forward with cooperation and creativity. The soul speaks of desire and desire transforms the soul and a new vision is born in an expansion of this inner most self, and a new light enters the world. A thousand, a million, a billion or two or three or four new lights entering the world.

Something to think about!

Blessings! Ona



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