• Ona Graham

What's In A Name?

We are assigned names at birth that are loaded with energies and demands that are not our own and which may limit our vision of who we are to what other's believe us to be.

Living intuitively has its challenges. In my early 20’s, after an experience of a fuller reality, I was given a new name. Had I been looking for or contemplating a new name? No. But I was struggling to get past the depression and trauma I had lived with for the first 2 decades of my life which constantly led me into wrong choices and dire consequences.

A new name was given to my by Spirit. It simply felt right and so I became Ona. My grandmother later told me that she had changed her name when she was 5 from Amelia to Emilie, stating that a German proverb asserted that if you changed your name you would change your life. It is actually an ancient Sumerian proverb dating back 3000 years.

So on that May day back in who knows when I went for a walk and gathered wildflowers to celebrate my new life. Upon returning from my walk, my sister came to visit. I told her that I changed my name. She said, “Don’t tell me! Its Ona right?” Affirmations fell from the sky like rain. The thunder and lightning came later. Not everyone in my family was pleased by the change.

And so, for 40 years, I have been becoming Ona. Shedding parental labels can be liberating. There were expectations attached to my birth name. My spirit name had only one, discover who you really are. There were moments of discomfort and awkwardness within my family, who believed that this was something inconsequential and a great opportunity to further disapprove of me. Persistence on my part gave way to satisfaction as relatives and friends began to refer to me by my spirit name. There was only one hold out, my father, who had never referred to me by any name other than the generic “petunia”.

After Ralph died, I was swept up once again in a fuller reality which lifted me out of my grief and sent me on an adventure to Brazil to La Casa, where John of God offers healing energy and guidance to thousands of people every day. Like a bird released from captivity, I soared, caught up in vortexes of light and love, where I received a vision of perfection.

Understanding now what life had been preparing for me was like having blinders removed from my mind’s eye. Ralph and I had talked about the farm being a sacred place of healing, and now I began to understand that I was the steward of that sacred place. I was to be the gardener and groundskeeper. What is in a name? After pondering this question and plucking names out of the hat that is my mind, I was left frustrated. I finally asked Spirit, “What name?” “Star Nation” was the reply.

Apparently, I was not ready for this because it felt more like a burlap shirt than a silk one. I was hoping for silk. Bowing under the weight of my own discomfort I agreed, Star Nation would be the name, but I felt discomfort each time I spoke those words. The Star Nation Healing Arts not for profit was established in lightning speed. Then the Star Nation Native American Festival to celebrate Ralph’s Cherokee and Apache heritage. And over the next few years the significance of Star Nation revealed itself to me.

(to be continued)

Blessings! Ona




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