Spirit Farm & Stables

Spirit Farm in Warm Springs, Georgia was established in 2000 by Ralph and Ona Graham as a place to fulfill a spiritual healing mission.  Spirit Farm operates as a non-denominational not for profit educational center and a spiritual hospital were innumerable spiritual entities work to help us heal, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.  Spirit Farm is a facility under the Star Nation Foundation for Healing Arts.  Spirit Farm operates on the principles of Spiritist teaching and the practices of Native American spirituality but anyone regardless of their faith or religious belief is welcome at Spirit Farm.


If you are drawn here then there is something for you to learn about receiving God’s love and healing. You are embarking on a healing journey which is your responsibility and no one else’s, and you must do your part. This is an opportunity for you to grow, improve your health and maybe even give yourself to help others.


Spiritual instruments:  The Current, Passifora supplements, Blessed Water, Magnetic Passes, Spiritual Passes, Spiritual Interventions, Solitude and Meditation, Prayers.  Additional interventions under development:  Spirit Earth Lodge, Drumming Circle Going to Water, Extended retreats in cabins/teepees, Crystal bath.


Earth Lodge

The Earth Lodge at Spirit Farm (currently under construction) will be a meeting place to explore the cultural and spiritual aspects of Native American healing practices and tribal life.  It is a place for individual and group retreats to expand and develop spiritual and healing practices, combined with the beauty of nature and the horses of Spirit Farm.  In time, cabins and teepees will be available for longer stays for those individuals needing more time in solitude and meditation.



A Not for Profit Organization | 400 Brookstone Centre, Suite 450 | Columbus GA 31904-9266

*Proceeds to benefit the operations and programs of Star Nation Foundation.

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