Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery Program:
• 8 week educational series for veterans on Recovery from PTSD

The Post Traumatic Stress Recovery Program emerged for Dr. Ona Graham after 26 years of clinical practice.  It consists of a series of educational experiences for individuals recovering from trauma, offering them a broad spectrum of healing interventions along with a supportive group setting to begin the process of self-healing within their local community.  Too often healing is sought outside of the self, resulting in treatment failure and the overuse of medications. 

The educational series is presented several times annually and involves health care providers from the Columbus Area as well as veteran support organizations such as Pets for Vets and Reel Thanx, all of whom who volunteer their time.  Physicians, occupational and physical therapists, yoga instructors, Reiki practioners, meditation and mindfulness teachers and bee keepers are just a few of the presenters who offer a learning experience. This program is sponsored by the Star Nation Foundation for Healing Arts



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